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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Page Sixteen):

Ling, have fun shopping );
at OU
dear is rushing her homeworks at home. T.T
Missing you lotsss, see ya tomorrow. 
Love ya. Have fun. Tata. *sob sob*

Tips for Valentine's & anniversary: I want that favorite dress of mine, teddy bear, couple ring engraved with something meaningful. 

Page Fifteen.

Because of you it
We were about to head out to OU to buy our CNY clothes. Le'Vena, the super lucky one got stung by a bee at her sole when she came down the stairs. blah blah blah. She screamed in pain, daddy trying to find the needle, and the rest of us just sit down, looking and Le'Vena turned as red as the tomato. We have to cancel our plans and bring her to see a doctor that works on Thaipusam day...
Poor Le'Vena, rainy day, traffic jam, bee stung.
it shows that she's having  
Bad Feng shui.
Stupid Bee! Because of you, we have to cancel our hunt for our CNY clothes! So, Le'John hates the bee, he squeezed it.
Chloe gave me her hamsters to me, adorable couple, I am not sure whether the hamsters already got a name...
so, i nickname-d them...
The pic is kinda blur ): 
my favorite! Rough collie!
awww.. isn't it adorable?
OMG! Flying Beagle! haha

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Page Fourteen.

I overheard mummy said she's bringing me to eat durian
After all those monthssss of begging, finally paid off(: 
Durians here I come(:
And also maybe going to my favorite boutique to shop for CNY clothes! 
woohoo! boom babeh!

Page Thirteen!

Thaipusam 2010!
It is totally like watching a combination of horror and a magic show but the only different part is, i think those holes will be permanent
Below are some pictures I found that are supremely scary and also interesting somehow, the weird part is I don't see blood. Its...

ahhhh!!! owww owww owww!

okay, hmmm,
I don't think I got anything else to blog!!! Oh ya! Steph Thong, hope you are okay! Get well soon! Dee called me to go OU today, I am not sure if I can go, but I really want to! ): okay, Its gonna be a very lame post soon so.... ciao(: 
Love you, LING!


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Page Twelve.

oops! Its evening already.
This is another lame post. I don't really have much to blog for today.
Morning wake up eat, do homework, bath, go for dancing lesson.
after lesson, ate McD's McChicken in the car, went to the tailor to pick up my pants that tortured me yesterday. The so called "wire" from the zip pooked me til the wounds looked like rashes. Anyway, then bought soil for my lil bro's project, went home, drank the bitter herbs... downloaded songs, blog-ed, did homework. Tht's all(:
end of story. ciao.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Page Glee! (eleven)

I have to watch GLEE!! 
Glee is an American musical comedy-drama television series that airs on Fox. It focuses on a high school show choir (also known as a glee club), called "New Directions!", set within the fictional William McKinley High School in Lima, Ohio.[1] The pilot episode of the show was broadcast after American Idol on May 19, 2009,[2] and the first season began airing on September 9, 2009.[3] On September 21, 2009, Fox officially gave the series a full-season pick-up.[4] Glee aired its mid-season finale on December 9, 2009 and is currently on a 4-month hiatus before returning on April 13, 2010 with the remaining 9 episodes of the season.[5] On January 11, 2010, Fox President, Kevin Reilly announced at the Television Critics Association winter press tour that Glee has been renewed for a second season.[6][7]
The show's creators Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Ian Brennan first conceived of Glee as a film. Murphy selects the series' music, maintaining a balance between show tunes and chart hits. Songs covered in the show are released on iTunes during the week of broadcast, and a series of Glee albums will be released through Columbia Records, beginning with Glee: The Music, Volume 1, which was released on November 3, 2009. The music of Glee has been a commercial success, with over two million digital sales.
The show has received mixed to positive reviews. Although Alessandra Stanley in The New York Times highlighted the pilot episode's unoriginality and stereotyped characters, she praised the showmanship and talent of the cast.[8] David Hinckley in The Daily News opined that the show was imperfect and implausible but "potentially heartwarming",[9] while Robert Bianco in USA Today noted casting and tone problems, but commented positively on the show's humor and musical performances.[10] Mary McNamara for the Los Angeles Times wrote that the show had a wide audience appeal, calling it "the first show in a long time that's just plain full-throttle, no-guilty-pleasure-rationalizations-necessary fun."[11] The series won the 2010 Golden Globe Award for Best Comedy Series and received three additional nominations for Best Actress (Lea Michele), Best Actor (Matthew Morrison), and Best Supporting Actress (Jane Lynch).[12]

Page Ten.

Food Poisoning!

Since Wednesday!
But the good news is I am recovering soon! wippie! Skipped school today and stayed at home watching....
*drum rolls*
Already done with the WHOLE season 2 and season 3 from episode 1 to 9!  woo-hoo!
"Ling, I wondered what you did in school..?"
I went to school when school ended to pick up my homework and passed Amy gossip girl.

Tomorrow is Merentas Desa day.. should I be excited? hmm.. excited for...loosing weight.aha. Anyways, I planned to jog with Ling, Amy, Mendy, Elicia(please keep up), Su Yinn(of cos), hmmm... who else.. I think that is it for today. Signing off from INC. Will update bloggie the next time. ciao.
Love you, Ling!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Page Nine.

I went to Edu Fair today. 
Let's see.. 
I wanna take Interior designing/ Architecture.
My choice of colleges is:
    To be honest, I am kinda scared. Scared of going to college. There's alot of "wat if-s" in my head. 
    So I think I am not ready yet.


    hmm.. other than college stuffs.
    oh ya! I ate Blueberry & Champagne grape.

    Blueberry tasted okay.
    Champagne grape also tasted okay but sour.
    Another Lame Post. ciao(:

    Sunday, January 10, 2010

    Page Eight.

    Sorry, can't blog for maybe a week or two but then i think CNY i will be able to blog. aha.
    ciao people!

    Sunday, January 3, 2010

    Page Seven.

     Pack your bags, and wear those itchy uniforms
    that's what makes going

    Kinda nervous. Cuz of SPM.

    But, seeing my Ling ang buddies, makes it much much better(:
    Oh, Another thing.
    Good luck in your tournament, Ling. Love you. Teddy Bear ya?

    Saturday, January 2, 2010

    Page Six.

    Instead of 


    annndd This

     I ate ...


    This is why I kinda miss my mom and her cookings. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
    MUST watch videos!  

    Anyway, Do not have the mood to blog about what I did the whole day due to some reasons.
    Word of advice? Easy. Eldest= Cancer at early age.


    Page Five.

    Good morning, Malaysia!

    Let's see... what shall I do today?

    Okay, done! Thing's I'm gonna do today! :D
    (1) Look for my tuition books
    Kinda forgotten where I put them.
    (2) Do my tuitions' homeworks
    Played to much the whole week.
    (3) Bowling at Noon
    Go to Tropicana for bowling while siblings have their swimming lessons.
    (4)Bath Le'Sha
    Before bowling, Bath Le'Sha.
    (5) Blog tonight
    Blog about what I accomplished tonight :D

    This is lame. haha. Anyway, ciao(:

    Friday, January 1, 2010

    Page Four.

    Eeky Eeky Herbs. Yuck.
    Just drank it this noon. Yuck. It's making me sick. 
    For? Easy, my gramma said something like cleansing your body, prevent sorethroat, bla bla.
    Really? More like its making me sick, feeling like my throat had been covered with that bitterness of the herbs. Horrible, Terrible, Worst Than Some Vegetable(;
    2010 Le'Anne must be optimistic, Oh Wait, did i say that?
    If i said that in my list, its not specific ryte?
    Oh well, means i can talk negative things about herbs(:

    Thr's a chance of ... 80% that i can go out to watch movie!
    Just have to hope for tickets.
    please please please come out available tickets.
    Have to go bath and wait for the tickets.
    Will blog about whether my prison break is a success. ciao.
    Oh no):
    No seats.
    Looks like i have to stay at home.
    hmmm... what should I do?
    Stop blogging. Tata.

    Page Three.

    Just in a blink of an eye, 
    u heard people around you saying "Byeee Two-Zero-Zero-Nine, I see you, Two-O-One-O." Isn't it fast?
    Me! Scribble(:
    Happy New Year! 
    "New Year, New Hope, New Wish, New Goal But Definitely No New Boyfriend"
    Love You, Ling.


    Page Two.

    Happy New Year EVERYONE(:

    hmmm.. Let's see.
    Let's start with my inbox, shall we?(:
    typed me this very very looooong chinese message, more like he got an oscar award, thanking everyone haha. anyway, Thanks Gib for tht message(: You must have wasted alot of credit. 11:41PM.
    He sent:
    Yes? Sry la.. But i reli very tired la.. Happy new year to u nw love! New year new hope new wish new goal but 1 thing is not new tht is a bf.. Nite dear.. Luv U
    received 11:53pm last night.
    From Aunty Mousey:
    Happy New Year!! Have a great brand bew year!!
    From Mendy:
    Happy new year. :)
    From Rebekah,
    Hahahaha, u too! :-D
    Su Yinn
    Happy new year le anne! XD Sweet dreams :D
    From Jen,
    Yea:( Haha happy new year! See you next week :)
    Yeapp, i think tht's all. Thanks for the greetings(:

    Its my senior year, and also my last year wearing school uniforms(: haha. The part where I don't feel like leaving school is leaving my friends. Can you imagine, everyone started to go on that parted ways? 

    Let's not think of that for the moment. I just can't wait for prom night! The driving license! Getting my car! My free time after SPM! Dyeing my hair! Hang with my buddies! Yam cha with my old friends & Vin& Mae-Gan! (:
    Ohkaaay, my 2010 to-do-list:
    #1 Study Hard, Study Smart, Play really HARD!
    Study to excel in SPM and Play Hard to keep myself entertained(;
    #2 Ze 2010 Le'Anne will try not to involve in any drama
    Drama Free. Simple.
    #3 Will be a "good girl"
    Will obey parents, after SPM, took Driver's license. Then, my master plans BEGIN. *Evil Laugh*
    #4 Take Care of lovely Le'Sha
    groom her, bath her, love her, feed her, walk her, love her(:
    #5 Hang out with ALL my buddies MORE often
    Mendy, Su Yinn, Amy, King Mee, Mousey, Jen, Jia Xin, etc.
    #6 Be independent):
    Tidy up my own bed, wash my own cups and plates, wash my shoes.
    #7 Be punctual
    Try not to be late(: which is lame...
    #8 Bellydancing
    Learn and teach Dee (:
    #9 Must go to a concert
    After SPM, must go to a concert. Any concert.
    #1o Be me(:
    Don't think anout what people think aboout me, and do what my heart desires.

    That's all i can think of right now. haha.