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Saturday, August 7, 2010

The End of it til SPM

I may not blog until SPM end.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Page 2Ne7

Won't be blogging until my exam is over(:  
Will be spamming my blog for the first week of holiday ( i guess ) 
Reason/s for not blogging? 
Have to study and pass all my subjects.
To? So that I can party, shop and get all my closet and especially my handphone upgraded, oh ya, Credit card and a driver's license. woo-hoo. so study(: hehe

signing out.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Page 2Ne 6.

This week I think I am crowned as the lame queen. ya that's all happened.

Ling, i miss you alot. Take care kay. i love u. 

wait that's not all that happen. 
There was a really big proposal the passed monday. my class's 5 Seroja's steroid king, King Lim and Jovy are together officially!! woohoo. congrats to you too love birds! 
The Lims

I am going back to my hometown for qing ming tomorrow early morning. ROADTRIP! 
so... ya that's all. 
ciao people.

Love you, Ling.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Page 2Ne 5.

Morning people, there's nothing much for me to crap about, Monday til Wednesday was MSSD basketball held in school, I dutied for table official. Thursday was a Sports Day held at Stadium Kelana Jaya.
Today's gonna be boring if my beloved cousin Joslyn ain't coming overnight here. Tomorrow, my paternal's family is gonna meet up at Semenyih Memorial Park to pay a visit to grampa. I can maybe camwhore with cousin(: the worst part is I have to do the forum research tomorrow too. ):
ok, gotta go, bye.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Page 2Ne 4.

Holiday week
no outings but there's loads of drama. 
Let's start with Friday, shall we?
Remember the previous post i bought a wallet for Ling. Its stolen T.T curse that person! Wanna see, see already put it back. Then only got good luck mah... isssh! 
Saturday, went to Edu fair with Amy and her family. we Camwhored all the way. 
 Thx for bringing me out!


Sunday, 14th March. 
Happy B'day Ling! 
Love you, Ling. Missed you on that day, you should know(: 
Went to Bukit Tinggi's Aeon Shopping Complex to shop and watch movie (Alice) with family(:
Camwhored too. 

Monday, nothing much, skip it.
Tuesday, went to tuition. as usual.

I was super furious with a jerk who judge me in a negative way.
I promised Ling to not talk about it, so fine.
At least, Thanks to Amy's & Mendy's advices & comfort. Love you guys.
I also cannot leave out my beloved neighbour-hood, Rachel! hehe. i had fun talking to you, thanks a lot! hehe.
went cycling in the evening after visiting Rach. My bro fooled around with my nephew's tricycle. 

Thursday, as usual, go online, facebook, then the dell technician came over to took the computer back to service. Bye big computer, gonna miss you, don't miss me ya. haha.
Gotta go bath and get ready for tuition, ciao guys.